Monthly Archives: July 2020

We have only ourselves to blame.

A few days ago this article appeared on in which the author complains about  political appointees and our form of governance in general, ending with the words: “Basically, we have too much government imposed upon us, at all levels, and not enough power vested locally or with the people. We need not cry for our servants – we should save the tears for ourselves.”.

It is a tad ironic that the author, following an article I wrote about democracy and using Switzerland as an example of ‘true’ democracy, then convened a meeting in Harrogate, one which subsequently resulted, over a year later, in the publication of The Harrogate Agenda (THA); which was then followed by a further paper called FlexCit (third entry: The Leave Alliance FlexCit v09) dealing with the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union; a document which relegated domestic reform to the last stage, namely stage 6. I have written previously castigating the author of The Harrogate Agenda and FlexCit, together with the Director of The Harrogate Agenda, for ‘parking’ THA; and, in effect, thus not progressing a cure to the problems of which the said author now complains. read more.....