Monthly Archives: February 2020

Cue the scam?

Other than those working in the motor insurance industry, I doubt that many motorists are aware of the Claims Underwriting Exchange. This is a data base to which all insurance companies are mandated to notify accident claims; and as such, is the source that is used to provide the information which is used to determine the quote you receive when attempting to insure your vehicle.

Briefly, in April 2018 it was alleged that I had reversed into another car (a blue Audi), a claim which was subsequently amended to my having twice opened my drivers door causing damage to a door of that vehicle. This incident was supposed to have occurred in the ASDA car park in Seaham. Whilst I do not deny being in the car park at the time concerned, I vehemently denied having committed the act of which I was accused, immediately forwarding photographs of my car (front rear and sides) to my broker. At my insistence it was arranged for an Assessor to visit me and inspect my vehicle, at which time no trace of blue paint was found. At the time of the initial claim I was informed the third party had a witness but no witness statement was ever produced, neither were any photographs of the alleged damage I was supposed to have caused. Eventually, after  some considerable delay, I was informed by my then insurance company that the third party had withdrawn their claim. in other words, logically, the ‘incident’ can never have happened. read more.....