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Twitter account locked.

I woke this morning to find that my twitter account had been locked for violating their rules against abuse and harassment. The offending tweet read:

Perhaps Americans have a problem with understanding the use of our language, specifically where idioms are concerned. To say that Theresa May should be shot for her incompetence is, in effect, another way of stating I thought her actions were extremely unreasonable.

In view of not wishing to further sour Anglo/American relations I have deleted the ‘offending’ tweet, but note that it took them nearly 10 months to discover it. It should also be noted that I received no notification from Theresa May that she felt abused or harassed, so have to wonder why Twitter appear to have ‘got their knickers in a twist’* read more.....

Bercow Resignation

With the announcement by John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons, that he is to resign no later than 31st October 2019, a number of questions are then raised.

  • Why should the Speaker of the House be an MP;
  • Why should he have a ‘residence’ (Speakers House);
  • Why should the Speaker not be liable to ‘recall’, as are now Members of Parliament;
  • Why cannot the Clerk to the Commons not perform such duties? He/She is, after all, the principal constitutional adviser to the House, and adviser on all its procedure and business, including Parliamentary privilege; coupled with the fact that he/she is required to be, politically, entirely impartial – and is not a civil servant.

When considering the above points it should be remembered that:

  • Anyone in receipt of remuneration from the public purse should be answerable to those that fund his/her remuneration; ie, the people;
  • Should those that form what amounts to a ‘select club’ elect he/she that will ‘rule’ on their proceedings when their vote for a speaker may well be influenced by political party considerations to the detriment of those that fund them ;

This article is deliberately short to prompt debate, so the comments section are yours, dear reader.

Footnote: These are the type of questions that one would expect the Director of The Harrogate Agenda (THA), @NiallWarry – coupled with @RAENorth –¬† both of whom have ‘sidelined’ this movement, to ‘jump on’, but when said people are, it appears, ‘brain dead’ and/or have hidden agendas, perhaps that is expecting too much? read more.....

A missed opportunity to influence Brexit.

When the history of Brexit comes to be told, it should include a strong comment on the failure of the media, from its own resources, to research, analyse and report on the predictable consequences of a no-deal Brexit.……” (Source).

It is with a heavy heart that I take issue with a follow blogger, one who I admire for his depth of knowledge on ‘matters EU’ and his ‘research ability’, both of which are second to none.

However, if a history of Brexit is to be written then it must include the subject of The Harrogate Agenda (THA) and since it’s conception, the subsequent failure¬† to influence the outcome of Brexit. read more.....