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Christopher Booker – a personal tribute

I was ‘introduced’ to Christopher Booker by Richard North when, writing on my previous blog Witterings from Witney about the apparent failures in our child protection system as highlighted by Christopher Booker, I had a meeting with my then MP, David Cameron, on the subject. This lead, totally unexpected by me, to a long telephone call one evening from Christopher Booker, following which he most kindly mentioned me in his Sunday Telegraph column as I noted here.

Tributes have been paid by Richard North, and The Daily Telegraph (paywall) – to mention but two. Following the aforementioned telephone conversation, I had the pleasure and honour to meet this great journalist on three further occasions when he always remembered me and always enquired after my well-being, whilst assuring me that ‘Witterings’ was one of his many ‘daily reads’. Those of us who cry out for factual, well-researched journalism have now, sadly, lost a great proponent of this art. read more.....