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What a waste of time

When one reflects on the events last night in Parliament it is logical to consider the question: what was accomplished?

Amendment i (Caroline Spelman) was carried by 8 votes, but is not binding on the government; so its purpose was what, bearing in mind ‘no deal’ is the legal default position if the Withdrawal Agreement is not accepted.

Amendment n (Graham Brady)  was carried by 16 votes and called for the Backstop to be replaced with ‘alternative arrangements’, but without specifying what the ‘alternative arrangements’ would be. read more.....

Is there anything original (2)

Sadly, today, the death was announced of Michel Legrand who, among music lovers, will be sorely missed.

This news reminded me of an article I wrote in June 2017 which I thought worth another airing.

Without accusing anyone of plagiarism I have to repeat the original suggestion of who ‘nicked’ what from whom; did Schubert ‘nick’ from Mozart or did Legrand ‘nick’ from Mozart or Schubert? Consider, when Liszt ‘transcribed’ the work of Schubert due credit was given to the original composer – not that I imply anything.
read more.....

A Connundrum

Readers will be aware that I am an advocate of FlexCit and direct democracy (including the ideas encapsulated in The Harrogate Agenda.

Unfortunately I am unable to accept the proposal that referendums should be only advisory (paragraph 4:

If we are to adopt the principles of direct democracy then referendums are the only means whereby we, the people, can instruct our government to enact the will of the people; and as such they, if accepted,  must be binding. read more.....

The problem with our nation

During 1962 and 1963 a programme was screened on Saturday evenings by the  BBC entitled That Was The Week That Was (affectionately known as TW3). This programme comprised a satirical/pertinent review of the events among ‘the establishment’ and politicians.

In the same vein I thought it might be worthwhile to revive this idea, especially at the start of what may well be a momentous year for our nation. At the outset I must state that I do this with due acknowledgements to the reputed sayings of Thomas Sowell, P.J. O’Rourke and H.L. Mencken – said statements having been ‘tweaked’ in some instances to make them more UK relevant. read more.....