Monthly Archives: December 2018

A cacophany of sound

Having listened to and read the Hansard record of the Brexit debate, all I have heard is that of the title to this article.

It becomes obvious – and will no doubt be made even more obvious during the final two days – that our politicians haven’t a clue about that which they say. The only thing that is obvious is that they enjoy the sound of their own voices.

We have had reference to the fact the referendum in 2016 was ‘advisory’ – no it was not: were we not told by David Cameron that it was our choice, our decision and that there would be no ‘going back’ on that decision? read more.....

Stage 6

Discussing the need that withdrawal from the European Union also affords an opportunity to undertake a series of domestic reforms (FlexCit page 364), states at the outset:

Specifically, this stage confronts the idea that there is little point in recovering
powers from the EU, only to hand them back to the same institutions that gave
them away in the first place. Further, even without EU influence, the UK is an
overly centralised state, so the repatriation of powers from Brussels only for
them to reside in London or one of the other devolved capitals affords fewer
benefits to individual citizens than might be imagined. To a certain extent, the
effect of restoring a degree of “independence” would simply be to swap one
ruling class for another, with very little by way of beneficial effects for ordinary
people. read more.....