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Tommy Robinson

Much has been written about the recent case of Tommy Robinson, his apparent summary trial and incarceration.

  • The swiftness with which injustice was meted out to Tommy Robinson is stunning. No, more than that: it is terrifying.
  • Without having access to his own lawyer, Robinson was summarily tried and sentenced to 13 months behind bars. He was then transported to Hull Prison.
  • Meanwhile, the judge who sentenced Robinson also ordered British media not to report on his case. Newspapers that had already posted reports of his arrest quickly took them down. All this happened on the same day.
  • In Britain, rapists enjoy the right to a full and fair trial, the right to the legal representation of their choice, the right to have sufficient time to prepare their cases, and the right to go home on bail between sessions of their trial. No such rights were offered, however, to Tommy Robinson.


In 2014 an Islamic teacher who repeatedly molested a terrified girl of 11 as he taught her the Koran has escaped a jail sentence because his wife’s English is so bad.


In the latter case it would appear that no reporting restrictions were imposed. Why? Does this mean that we have two codes of justice? If so, why? Is not the right to one’s own solicitor inviolate?

 For those arrested and taken to the police station unexpectedly, they will be offered the services of a solicitor when they arrive at the police station. You have the right to use a solicitor of your choice. read more.....


During Prime Minister’s Questions today (starts: 34:07) Jeremy Corbyn used all his questions on the subject of the NHS. Not only that but a vast majority of his MPs did like likewise; which would seem to suggest that this was part of a concerted campaign by the Opposition with a view to ‘inconveniencing’ the Prime Minister. Nowt wrong with that as it is the job of the Opposition to so do; and in any case if any Prime Minister needed to be ‘inconvenienced’, it is her. read more.....

Another musical interlude

Readers of this blog will no doubt have come to the realization I have achieved a state of disillusionment where the governance of this nation is concerned; whereby our political class are of the opinion that they can ‘rule’ what are, in effect a sovereign people, regardless of the views of said people. It is a sad reflection that, for the average citizen to do anything about this state of affairs, they require ‘mega-money’ to accomplish the change which required; unlike in Switzerland where all that is required is a tad of effort to organise a petition which then results in a referendum, the result of which can halt, if successful, their political class in their tracks. read more.....

Increased Taxation

It is reported that Theresa May is set to appoint new Peers in a bid to avoid further Brexit defeats. The article quotes Labour peer and arch-Remainer Lord Adonis who has accused the Prime Minister of stuffing the Lords with loyal peers in an attempt to ram through her Brexit agenda.

Is this not what all Prime Ministers do: create more Peers in order to ‘ram through’ their ‘policy du jour’?  What does another Prime Minister (of an opposing party) do but repeat the process for exactly the same reason? read more.....

Twitter: Shadow Ban

It would appear that I have become a victim of what is being termed ‘Shadow Banning‘, whereby whilst I can see my tweets, those that follow me – and presumably anyone else – cannot.

This is a form of censorship, consequently I have ‘fired-off’ a complaint to Twitter asking why this is happening – only to be advised that whilst they thank me for my input, they are unable to reply to individual reports.

It is so nice to know that ‘Big Brother’ is alive and well……… read more.....

There are questions – and there are answers

Today I  did something that I knew beforehand would only cause me grief and frustration – I tuned into BBC2 for the Daily Politics show, hosted by Andrew Neil. That it was a show of  ignorance by both questioner and responder was only too obvious. Appearing in the lead up to PMQs were Hariett Baldwin for the Tories and Richard Burgon for Labour. Leaving to one side Baldwin knew nothing about Brexit other than she knew how to say ‘um’ and ‘er’, Burgon came out with the old canard of Norway being a rule taker and not a rule maker (starts @23:30); a statement that elicited no correction from Neil. read more.....

The General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679)

Heard about this/are you interested? Well you should have and need to be!

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. It also addresses the export of personal data outside the EU. The GDPR aims primarily to give control to citizens and residents over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business by unifying the regulation within the EU. It was adopted on 14 April 2016 and after a two-year transition period, becomes enforceable on 25 May 2018. The GDPR replaces the 1995 Data Protection Directive. Because the GDPR is a 25 May 2018 regulation, not a directive, it does not require national governments to pass any enabling legislation and is directly binding and applicable. (as an aside it was mentioned to me that the United Kingdom had been offered an opt-out from this regulation; as reported, it was thought, by the Daily Telegraph); if anything that newspaper reports can be believed, but perhaps I digress?
read more.....

Towers of Babel

If we turn to Wikipedia there are various theories concerning the Tower of Babel depending on the land in which it was constructed.

It is possible to add another.

When God’s wrath was invoked and he scattered the people across the lands he directed his venom to that land which became known as the United Kingdom. Into that land he created three types of people: politicians, journalists and the common people. Within those groups he also created three different languages so that not one could understand anything the other two were saying. Job done, he thought; and then sat back to watch the ensuing confusion. Fast forward a few millenium and nowt has changed. Now either God is (a) a very patient fellow; (b) has a warped sense of humour; or (c) has lost interest in those he created and empowered with the ability to think and reason. read more.....

So ‘Child Snatching’ continues then……..

An article appears in the Guardian, authored by Louise Tickle, entitled: The state has a terrible secret: it kidnaps our children.

Almost 6 years ago another journalist, Christopher Booker, used to cover this topic on an almost weekly basis in his column published by the Sunday Telegraph. As Witterings from Witney, I used to comment on his articles and even took the matter of children being taken into care to my Member of Parliament, David Cameron – see here, here, here and here. Following that visit, on 27th October 2012 Christopher Booker kindly mentioned my efforts in his column. read more.....