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You know the problem we have?

All of us have films which have made an impression on us, likewise fictional books. Where the latter is concerned it has been Light Cavalry Action by John Harris (I can never understand why this has never been made into a film – if you have never read this book then get a copy from Amazon!): and in regard to the former, for me, it has to be Inherit the Wind, this film being a fictionalised version of the Skopes Monkey Trial.

In the first link we see someone attempting to correct a wrong, to correct a preconceived and apparently accepted notion that the right decision had been made. In the second link we see someone striving to correct a preconceived and apparently accepted notion that something that was accepted as right was not so. Fast forward a century or so (figure of speech….) and we find history repeating itself (as it tends to so do…..). read more.....

A rhetorical question?

Sky News has just announced that a UK ticket holder has just nabbed the £121.3m EuroMillions jackpot. But what can they buy with the money; to which I replied: A one-way plane ticket out of what has become a sh*thole of a country?

Dirk Bogarde, interviewed in 1981, on why he had moved to France, replied that England was no longer the country which he ‘knew’, that when he did return he felt himself an ‘alien.’

How many of us, depending on our year of birth, feel exactly the same? How many of us feel, likewise, aliens in our own country? read more.....

Er, yes: Cameron was challenged.

It is with a heavy heart that I am forced to take issue with a fellow Blogger regarding what may be termed ‘being economical with the actualité’. In this context I refer to this article.

In it the author states, with regard to David Cameron :

This same newspaper was quite content to give David Cameron a platform when, in October 2015, a Downing Street spokesman said that Norway was “the 10th largest contributor to the EU budget and is bound by the rules of the single market without any say in the decision making process”. Both these lies went unchallenged…….If Mr Cameron didn’t know that was a lie, he could easily have found out. read more.....

The Immigration Problem

With the the news that the   BBC is to broadcast Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech this weekend, which appears to have caused what might be described as a ‘furore’ on twitter, this set me thinking.

It cannot be denied that that which Enoch Powell feared and foretold has come to pass; and it should be remembered that when he spoke he was talking of 50,00 per year whereas the figure is currently 4/5 times that number.

Do we not have ‘ghettos’ of immigrants (think Bradford, Birmingham, Rochdale, Telford, Leicester) to name but a few? read more.....

Reflections on my visit to Vienna

Having returned Monday evening from Vienna (see previous article:Four Away-days) the contrast twixt there and here are remarkable in more ways than one.

First; the weather. We experienced temperatures rising from 18 degrees (Friday) to 24 degrees (Monday), naturally with cloudless, blue skies; but landing in Newcastle it was 8 degrees and wet – very wet, which continued throughout Tuesday.

Second; cleanliness; Vienna is similar to Switzerland in that it appears spotless – no litter (cigarette ends, plastic bottles, crisp packets, etc) anywhere. This is, no doubt, due to litter bins in relatively close proximity, each of which contained a cigarette ashtray – and as in Switzerland I witnessed people waiting to dispose of their rubbish regardless of content. read more.....

Four Away-days’

To celebrate my birthday this coming weekend my beloved Helen offered me a weekend break (Friday to Monday) in Vienna. Bearing in mind that I could not refuse my beloved, that I have never visited Vienna and one of my musical ‘loves’ is that of Mozart: how could I decline?

Having  experienced ‘Business Class’ on the trip to Barcelona in  November for her birthday (my birthday present to her as she had never been there), I have arranged to repeat it; likewise for our two weeks in September to Switzerland – even allowing for the difference in price, it sure beats ‘cattle class’. The extra cost includes really nice meals and drinks in-flight, plus the same in the BA Lounges. read more.....

‘Referism’ – do we need an ‘estimate’ or a ‘quote’?

The idea behind ‘Referism‘ is to cease the practice of politicians ‘raiding our pockets’ through taxation in order to fund their grandiose schemes, ones which they probably have not fully ‘costed’ – or ‘thought through’.

If any one of us were to contemplate having work done for us, of whatever nature, the first thing we would request is an estimate or a quote for the works involved – so why don’t we ask the same of our political class where taxation is concerned? After all, are they not ‘working for us’? Are they not ‘contractors’ to the taxpayer? Does not the piper call the tune? read more.....

When is cheating not cheating?

This article is directed at those who love and follow the sport of cricket; it may however interest others.

With reference to the recent events in South Africa in respect of the Australian cricket team and the latter’s behaviour regarding ball tampering: a question: ball tampering is but a means to gain an advantage over ones opponents; so is not ‘sledging’?’

Sledging’ has been prevalent and known about by players, umpires and the administrators of the game for ages now, yet with the recent events in South Africa the administrators of the game rush to punish Smith, Warner and Bancroft with what may be held to be unseemly haste. read more.....