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Tsk, Tsk – or, if you prefer: Tusk, Tusk

The following is a tad ‘late in the day’ (began it and then forget it). However it is still pertinent when consider the subject matter.

This article has much with which to wonder just what Donald Duck Donald Tusk has to say, as do the remarks of Alison McGovern who is a Labour Member of Parliament.

To take the latter first, not one Member State is a ‘rule maker’ as ‘standards and rules’ are set by various United Nations bodies in order to harmonize trade between nations. In that regard membership of the European Union means that not only are Member States ‘rule takers’ by said membership of the European Union, but so are the European Union when it is remembered that 80%  of ‘rules’ which the European Union impose emanate from said United Nation bodies. read more.....

A personal view

I note this news item on the BBC.

As one of  of ‘Jewish heritage’ (one on each side of my grandparents was a Jew by birth) I wish this man had left the training of this dog to just ‘Sieg Heil’.

One of my grandparents, one each side I was informed, had lost a relative in one of the ‘death camps’, coupled with the fact that one of my family had been a member of an army unit that ‘liberated’ such a camp.

As a result perhaps readers will appreciate just why I, as one of ‘Jewish heritage’ find the phrase: ‘gas the jews’ offensive? read more.....

What is happening to my country?

As a precursor, two quotes from Thomas Sowell:

Those who say that all cultures are equal never explain why the results of those cultures are so grossly unequal.

What ‘multiculturalism’ boils down to is that you can praise any culture in the world except Western culture—and you cannot blame any culture in the world except Western culture.

A few news items:

  1. this;
  2. this;
  3. this;
  4. this;
  5. this;

In response:

1. @AmberRuddHR 8 hours ago: Today is National Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day. This Government is tackling child sexual exploitation by supporting law enforcement as they pursue offenders, developing new technology to protect victims & working to ensure tech companies remove illegal content. read more.....

Shutting the door after the horse has bolted?

Theresa May pays a visit to Salisbury and for what purpose? Perhaps she hoped, as a result of said visit, to put back the clock to a time before the ‘incident’ occurred? No doubt those she met had been carefully selected in order to provide a ‘good photo opportunity’? So what, exactly, did she hope to accomplish?

When one considers that those who did/are doing a great disservice to our nation have a plethora of ‘minders’ (think Heath, Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron – oh, and May, coupled with  Davis, Fox and others) should not one who did a service to our nation not have been provided with at least one ‘minder’? If one had been so provided, why have we not been told? If so, just what was he/she doing at the time the incident took place? read more.....

Should ‘life’ mean ‘life’?

The question is raised by this article.

Further interesting questions arise,  if Direct Democracy is to mean anything:

  • if the people have indeed voted that ‘life should mean life’, then should it not be they who has the final decision on a possible ‘conditional release’? If not, why not?
  • Regardless of the crime, should a sentence not be served in full?
  • Should a Court be able to, in effect, change a decision of the people?
  • Does the will of politicians wishing to adhere to ‘human rights’, aided and abetted by the legal profession, outweigh the will of the people? If so, why should it?
  • Should the ‘State’ (and I include ‘pressure groups in all forms) be able to over-rule the will of the people? If so, why?
  • read more.....

    Liberty and Democracy

    If we, as people, want ‘liberty’ in order to make our own decisions that affect our life (and whose life is it, ours or that of  someone else) then we need to change our system of democracy in this country. Under representative democracy we cannot achieve either as those we elect are able to make decisions over which we have no say, ie control. Those that make our laws are not bound by any constraint in regard to which  they promise is that they will enact – think manifestos?

    As two examples, consider both smoking and recall of MPs. read more.....

    The ‘Rights’ state we are in

    I came across this tweet yesterday:

    Italy – and the United Kingdom

    The recent elections in Italy are, without doubt, a ‘turn-up for the book’; and who foresaw that coming?

    One of the first points I noticed is the general media labeling 5*Movement as maverick, populist and far-right, no doubt purely because they challenge the status-quo of political mediocrity which encapsulates the idea it is possible to be all things to all men.

    As with every decision by the electorate, wherein no party gains a majority, we now have a ‘bun-fight’ among Italian political leaders in their attempts to gain power.  read more.....

    Just for once Viv is right

    Brexiteers promised £350m a week to their citizens. Instead they have to pay billions of Euros…….They promised sovereignty. Instead the government is at the mercy of the DUP……….They promised to take control, instead they are spinning out of control……..I am saddened that the British people have fallen victim to political  crooks…….
    –  Vivienne Reding: EU Parllament

    In respect of the last emboldened bit; you and me both, Babe. Mind you what you elect is what you get. But as we did not elect you, or any of your ilk, perhaps we may as well ban elections – as the result seems similar?
    read more.....

    What is it with ‘Professors’?

    In this context I refer to this article and the statement:

    The UK has two choices, it argues: either it can sign up to membership of the single market with no say over its rules – the Norway option – or it can have a more run-of-the-mill deal that will impose significant restrictions on trade – the Canada option’.

    When will those who, having a ‘title’ and ‘profession’, have us believe they fully understand the subject on which they write? When will said people exhibit an understanding of the difference twixt full membership of the European Union and membership of EFTA/EEA? When will such people recognize that the origin of about 80%/90% of ‘EU law’ originates from UN bodies such as UNECE?
    read more.....