The reason our nation is in the state it is…….

….is due to the standard of politicians with which we have ‘appointed’.



He who knows not, but knows not that he knows not, is a fool:

Shun him!

He who knows not, but knows that he knows not, is simple:

Teach him!

He who knows not, but knows not that he knows, is asleep:

Wake him!

He who knows, and knows that he knows, is a wise man:

Follow him!

The problem we have in this nation of ours is:

We have 650 of of the first; we cannot do anything about the second or third (which encapsulate the first) because they refuse to listen to  us; and we have none of the last. read more.....

Cretins (n) – and related matters

The word ‘cretin’,  plural ‘Cretins’; used as a noun, means a person of subnormal intelligence.

While the  term is often applied to our politicians, it must be accepted that to describe our politicians as ‘cretins’ is a misuse of the word as to have achieved the positions in politics that they have, they most definitely are not cretins. To have, as a section of our society, first created – and subsequently honed – a system of democracy within which they are able to set their own rules of behaviour and system of working while maintain that said system of democracy is representative in expressing the views of those they are meant to represent, requires not only forethought but also a degree of guile – which again, logic dictates, means they are not of subnormal intelligence. read more.....


Having, metaphorically, left Seaham and headed even further North to a much colder environment, to those who have made the journey with me I issue the most warmest of welcomes.

Why move I hear you ask, to which the response is that it allows me to be more outspoken (which is my intention) with greater legal protection.

Stay tuned, please………..